Your Singapore Bunker Solution

About Us

Equatorial has constantly been ranked by MPA as one of the Top Ten Accredited Bunker Suppliers by volume in Singapore. This consistency in our high ranking is a testament to the level of trust and confidence our customers has placed in the Company all these years.

Equatorial’s current staff strength stands at over 250 employees while our reputation stems from having managed a portfolio of over 700 customers spanning across the various continents.

With good internal controls and as an Accredited Bunker Supplier, Equatorial is one of the select 48 bunkering companies in Singapore to be awarded the Marine Fuel Trader (“MFT”) status by the IRAS.

Equatorial is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our vessels are all ceritified and awarded ISM by Lloyd’s Register. This is proof of Equatorial’s stringent enforcement of safety and internal quality management controls.




  • Assures product quality through the supply chain.
  • Aims to exceed customer expectations.
  • Strives for continual quality.
  • Comply with requirements of the quality management system.


  • Establish healthy and safe work areas, equipment and procedures for all personnel.
  • Promote awareness for employees and contractors in health, safety, security and environmental issues.
  • Consistently high standard and incident free results.
  • Improvements to our health, safety, security and environmental protection.


  • Maintain healthy and safe working conditions and pollution free operating policies, complying with international and national regulations and standards.
  • Continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related to safety and environmental protection.


  • Misuse of legitimate drugs, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumption, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Major violation if the B.A.C. is at or above 0.04% (40mg/100ml).
  • Enforcing and monitoring of drug and alcohol free working environment onboard our fleet.


Our Mission

Consistent with the Company's policy and philosophy of maintaining professional excellence in all spheres of our activities involving petroleum products bulk transportation and distribution services, our Mission is:

1. To own and operate ships without any occurrence of spills or incidents at sea, protecting the lives of our shipboard personnel, cargo, environment and the Company's assets.

2. To provide highly efficient and competitive bulk transportation and distribution services of quality, cost-efficiency and reliability that emphasises also on safety and security.

3. To achieve excellence in our management system and standards by employing best practises through an effective, responsive, empowered and highly motivated team.

Our Vision

To be the first-choice company for safe and efficient transportation and distribution of petroleum products across Asia.

Our Accreditation

  • MPA Accredited Bunker Supplier
  • MPA Licensed Bunker Craft Operator
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • SS524 - Singapore Standard for Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain (QMBS)
  • SS600 - Singapore Standard Code of Practice for Bunkering
  • TR48: 2015 - Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering