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Our Services

Equatorial is an accredited bunker supplier in Singapore and we strive to cater to the various needs of our clients. The vast network and our accumulated wealth of experience in the industry from working with various reputable international ship-owners have provided us with an opportunity to deliver excellent service on every occasion. Our principal activities include Bunkering, Chartering and Agency Services.


As the core business of our Company, we place utmost dedication and focus in ensuring that the best services are provided throughout the bunkering process and across the entire supply chain - from the moment we receive our customers' enquiry to the completion of the bunker delivery. As a ship owner-operator, every aspect of the delivery process is managed by us. Therefore, our customers can rest assured of the quality and standards of our services and products. While we would provide for most typical and widely used bunker fuel grades we would also welcome any enquiries for other types of marine fuel grades.

The bunker fuel grades that we currently supply includes:

  • Distillate Marine Fuels (MGO, LSMGO) 
  • Residual Marine Fuels (500cst, 380cst)


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We offer various means for our customers to send in their enquiries for supply of bunker to their vessels. Our customers can utilize our web service, under Enquiries in the top panel, or send us an email at Offers can be made through yahoo messenger, please contact our individual traders for their details, or you may simply wish to call us at +65 6259 1314. As a dedicated bunker supplier, we provide 24/7 service and you may reach our traders directly on their mobile after office hours (9am-6pm local time).


To allow for clarity and avoid any misinterpretation of information, we ask that the enquiries contain the following vital information for our processing: 1) Company Name (In full style), 2) Invoicing Instructions, 3) Broker (If any), 4)Vessel Name (With IMO no.), 5) Port of Calling, 6)Quantity & Grades, 7) Vessel Details and 8) Contact Details.


Equatorial purchases our stock from oil majors such as Shell, ExxonMobil, BP and many other reputable cargo suppliers. Over the past decade of being in the bunker industry, we have managed to forge strong reliable relations with our cargo providers, allowing us to tap deeper into the market and secure our foothold as one of the top bunker suppliers in Singapore.


Each and every day, our operations department scrutinizes the schedule and coordinates to ensure that all requests are performed seamlessly and without hitch. We would do our best to ensure that even last minute requests are fitted in as best as situation would allow and provide timely updates on availability in our schedule.


Equatorial endeavors to provide the best services and therefore, we take much effort in selecting the most compatible barge to ensure maximum customer utility. As a ship owner, we have more flexibility in nominating a suitable barge for our customer’s needs.


As part of our mission to provide for reliable and quality services, we allow for pre testing to be performed on samples taken after loading. This process allows for greater transparency and establishes the confidence of our customers in us.


Upon receiving notice of arrival, we can guarantee alongside within 3 hours provided there is no change in ETA within the past 48 hours. Our form of guarantee service proves to be much appreciated especially for customers with a tight schedule to adhere.