Onward – Sea Harmony

Featured on Onward, a publication of ST Engineering’s Marine sector, on 9 April 2020. Also available on: https://onward-online.com/2020/04/09/mt-sea-harmony/

MT “Sea Harmony”, the 13 years old oil product tanker is one of the many tankers under renowned operator, Equatorial Marine Fuel Management operating in Singapore. This vessel is 100m long and has a cargo tank capacity of 7,000m3.  

Equatorial Marine Fuel Management is a regular customer and their vessel MT “Sea Harmony“regularly carried out her docking and repairs at Benoi shipyard of ST Engineering’s Marine Sector. 

For her latest docking in January 2020, the yard had to carry out several major works within a tight turnaround schedule of 11 days. These work included the renewal of large amount of the engine room piping, partial steel renewal of the hull, high pressure washing of the boiler and both propeller and rudder works. As the repair period was relatively short with many works to be completed, the customer’s team and yard’s repair team worked relentlessly to ensure every single job is to carry out in good time and safely. The rapport built from past dry docking repairs allowed the repair team to react positively to the additional work in order to meet the re-delivery date promised to the customer, whom in turn had charter dates to fulfill. 

One such instance was the high pressure washing of the vessel’s boiler system. This unforeseen work was only confirm towards the end of the project schedule. Both the team worked together on the best possible way to complete work scope within the critical path of the original schedule. This additional work including the overhauling of all the safety valves was completed as planned without any extension to the original re-delivery date.

ST Engineering’s Marine sector completed a successful docking and repair with our valued customer with our meticulous project planning, proper execution and close coordination with the customer delivering the vessel on time, every time!