Online Tracking Tool goes live!

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Singapore: Equatorial Marine Fuel unveils OTT (Online Tracking Tool) to enhance bunker deliveries


Singapore bunker supplier Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd (EMF) on Thursday (1 October) officially launched an Online Tracking Tool (OTT) for enhancing its bunker deliveries at Singapore port, learned Manifold Times.


“Our main focus of OTT is to increase transparency towards our clients as well as minimise the time customers spend on getting bunker delivery status updates,” Executive Director Choong Zhen Mao told the Singapore bunkering publication.

“With this mobile responsive tracking tool we allow our customers to check on the status of a bunker the delivery any time just by clicking on the unique link we send to them.

“OTT is provided free of charge to all clients of Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services.”


According to Choong, the team consisting of Tamas Csillag, Wing Puah, Ashish Nair, Deane Looi and Helmi Johanes [photo from left to right] were hired as part of a digitalisation initiative to provide EMF IT-based solutions for strengthening its current work processes.

OTT has been developed by the team to address concerns on transparency to the various stakeholders; it is currently operating live in Beta mode.

“OTT offers real time data tracking where the Cargo officer team can directly submit updates to the tracking tool via their mobile phone or laptop while at sea,” Choong explained.

“Having a single point data entry system such as OTT improves our efficiency whilst minimising errors and time we spend on keying in data.

“Additionally, bunkering documents such as the certificate of quality, bunker pre-test, mass flowmeter receipt, and bunker delivery note are shared for viewing after delivery for transparency.”


There are three delivery statuses in OTT:

Pre-delivery stage – Displays ETA (estimated time of arrival) for vessels and allocated bunker barge, current location and anchorage.

Ongoing stage – Displays detailed timing which includes alongside timing, pump start, pump stop, and ETC (estimated time of completion).

Post-delivery stage – Summary of delivery with actual delivered quantity as well as the attached documents for clients’ perusal.


“The introduction of MFMs for bunkering at Singapore port has brought the sector into the digital age, and this development has provided the impetus for our project,” concludes Choong.

“Not in plain sight are also features which include automated sanction checks on receiving ships, and analytical tools that improve barge allocation efficiency.”

“Moving forward, we expect to introduce more modules based on the feedback of stakeholders to upgrade OTT in its entirety to provide even better value for our clients.”


Photo credit: Manifold Times
Published: 1 October 2020