Bunker and Shipping Summit 2022 – Navigating headwinds: Sailing into a clean sustainable era

Equatorial was honoured to be invited by S&P Global to deliver the keynote speech for the session on bunker fuels, at the Bunker and Shipping Summit 2022 – Navigating headwinds: Sailing into a clean sustainable era. The Bunker and Shipping Summit took place in person, at Grand Hyatt Singapore, over the past two days on 15 and 16 June 2022. 

Equatorial spoke on the topic “Shaping up to the fundamentally same but radically different bunker industry”, sharing its insights on the fundamental principles of the business of bunkering; price, quality goods and services, and trust. We also shared how the bunker market has become increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous due to global economic and geopolitical issues, and the roles of decarbonisation and digital transformation. It is critical to retain our focus on the core principles that define the bunkering business while tackling new challenges.

See also: https://plattsinfo.spglobal.com/BunkerandShippingSummit2022.html