Our Bunkering Team


We also take pride in having one of the most experienced bunker servicing team in the world. Together, our committed teams of traders work hand in hand to come up with creative and customised solutions dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ requirements.

  • Choong Kien Siong


  • Choong-Ong Gek Hoon

    Managing Director

  • Choong Zhen Mao

    Executive Director

  • Stephen Ong

    Director (Business Development)

  • Jenny Liaw

    Bunker Manager

    Mobile: +65 9787 9633

    E-mail: jenny_liaw@emf.com.sg

    ICE: jliaw

    Skype: jennyliaw23

  • Ivan Ow

    Marketing Manager

    Mobile: +65 9688 7227

    E-mail: ivan_ow@emf.com.sg

    ICE: iow1

    Skype: ivan_owlc

  • Adrian Lim

    Distillate Trader

    Mobile: +65 9742 2122

    E-mail: adrian_lim@emf.com.sg

    ICE: alim35

    Skype: adrianhyl

  • Patrick Ng

    Asst. Marketing Manager

    Mobile: +65 8686 3535

    E-mail: patrick_ng@emf.com.sg

    ICE: png12

    Skype: ngsenho

  • Kelvin Chew

    Commercial Analyst

    E-mail: credit@emf.com.sg

    ICE: kchew1