Quality Assurance


Equatorial has been consistently ranked amongst the top 20 bunker suppliers in Singapore for past 20 years, reflecting the high level of confidence and trust that our clients have in us.

As a premium company in the bunker industry with top-class service as our focus, we constantly review and update our strict internal policies based on the latest guidelines from key organisations such as the International Standards Organisation (ISO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG). Such a practice ensures that our services are consistently at their optimum.

In accordance with our strict enforcement of safety and internal quality management controls, Equatorial is an ISO and ISM Certified company. All our vessels regularly undergo audits, surveys and vetting inspections to ensure they are always performing at the highest standards.

Our Internal Policies
  • To provide for safe working practices in ship operation and a safe working environment 
  • To assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards 
  • To improve continuously safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection
  • To improve continuously the health standards of all personnel both ashore and aboard ships 
  • To achieve zero-spill and zero incident through an unflinching commitment towards environmental protection by striving for reduction of all kinds of pollutants by undertaking identification of all such activities of the company that are detrimental to the marine environment
  • To provide security procedures and practices for ship operations and to protect the port of call and its community.
  • To establish safeguards to reduce the security risk to shipboard and ports personnel onboard company’s ship.
  • To improve the security skills and awareness of Company’s personnel ashore and onboard ship.
  • To prepare contingency measure for emergencies relating to possible security incident.
  • To provide for and implement procedures to safeguard the Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems used by the Company’s offices and ships. 
  • To support safe and secure shipping which is operationally resilient to Cyber Risks through Maritime Cyber Risk 
  • To continually improve the Cyber Hygiene of Company’s shore and sea staff, through continual education and training in Cyber Security Awareness and preparing for Cyber

It is the policy of the Company that no seafarer whatever rank, will navigate the vessel or operate its equipment while impaired by drugs or alcohol or where there is any risk of such impairment.

  1. The Drug and Alcohol objectives are:
    • To operate drugs-free vessels.
    • To operate alcohol-free vessels.
    • To employ non-drug and alcohol dependent personnel.
  2. The above objectives shall be achieved by:
    • Pre-employment medical examination and certification.
    • Weekly inspection of all accommodation spaces for drugs and alcohol.
    • Monthly random analysing of alcohol content in breath of all crew on board the vessels by means of breath analyzer. (intoxication refers to ≥ 0.04% or 40mg/100ml).
    • Annual unannounced testing of drugs and alcohol, to be initiated by head office and shall ensure that all officers screened at least once per year. (to screen randomly for
      marijuana, cocaine, opiates and PCP).
    • Post-incident testing, drug and alcohol testing shall be conducted onboard in the event of a marine incident (collision, grounding, fire, explosion, injury etc.).
  3. Documentation
    • All employees have to sign the company’s documentation confirming their agreement to the company’s policy and tests.
    • Drug and alcohol testing reports to be filed onboard.
    • Non-conformance to be documented on non-conformity report forms.
  4. Penalty
    • Personnel testing positive for drug and alcohol will be subjected to dismissal and termination of employment.
    • Personnel are reminded; drug use may result in prosecution and severe penalties in certain countries.


Our Accreditations
In the pursuit of quality assurance and service excellence, we operate according to the highest industry standards to earn the following accreditations:
For Ensuring High Standards of Bunkering Services
  • MPA Accredited Bunker Supplier
  • MPA Licensed Bunker Craft Operator
  • MPA-certified Bunker Tankers equipped with Mass-Flow Meters.
  • SGS-certified ISO 9001: 2015 Bunkering Services Provider in Singapore
  • SGS-certified SS524: 2014 Quality Management System for Bunker Supply Chain (QMBS) in Singapore
For Strict Observance of Health, Safety and Environment Standards
  • Certified by Lloyd’s Register for our fleet’s Safety Management System.
  • Periodical inspections and audits for our tankers with OCIMF Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE) and Tanker Management Self-Assessment version 3 (TMSA)
As a world-class operator, Equatorial observes strict compliance with the laws and regulations, and adheres to the guidelines of various international and local organisations.
International Maritime Laws and Regulations
Local Maritime Laws and Regulations
Other Relevant Organisations